Sensual Nuru Massage

What is a Nuru Massage?

Do you want the best erotic massage experience? Then you must try my new Angel Nuru massage. It’s not like any other massage you might have tried using just hands. This is a massage using my whole body to give you the closest, most intimate massage possible.

Slippery Body to Body slide

Nuru comes from Japan and means ‘slippery’ because our whole bodies are covered in special massage gel. It’s all slippy and slidey and such yummy fun – I love it and I am sure you will too. Just imagine my soft, smooth skin sliding over your whole body as we get as close as two people can. The gel helps make our sexy body to body playtime so much more fun. And it leaves our skin so soft and touchable, just right for stroking and caressing.

The special gel does not have a scent, so no one else needs to know you have just had a very close encounter with the Angel. Only you and me know our little secret :-)

Sensual Massage with a Happy Ending

And with Angel you always know that a massage will have the best ever ending. I promise you will leave feeling so much more relaxed than when you came. To get the best experience from our Full Body Sensual Massage together you really need at least an hour booking. First we have to shower to get nice and wet for the gel to work and then we have to get covered head to toe. Sometimes it gets very messy if we get too carried away!

Nuru Videos

Sexy Nuru Massage Videos

These videos show you what Nuru Massage is like. I use Mr Nori’s Magic Gel like in this first one because it’s all natural ingredients. But I don’t do it the American way they show – I do it the Czech way, which is much more fun! No need for swimsuits – they’d get in such a mess – much better with nothing on so you get the full sensation.
The second video shows the sheets I use – the blow up mattress is a bit too bouncy. And the last one shows the front body slide with breasts on your chest – it’s a different Nuru gel but it’s the only video I could find which was not too naughty! I hope you agree that Nuru Massage looks such great naughty fun, so why not join me and find out for real.
Nuru is the only extra I charge for because we get through a lot of massage gel if you do it properly. Have a look at the naughty Nuru videos her and if you like what you see let me know when you book.

Lots of slippery kisses – Angel Yvonne

What my Lovers say about Nuru Massages

Had a nuru massage with Angel and it was really heavenly! Slipping and sliding over each other was so much fun. Try it out and see for yourself.

A truly beautiful, sensuous girl with the looks and touch of an angel. The Nuru massage is out of this world and highly recommended. I am in love!

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